Horror Development Kit – v1.5 Beta Tutorial – How to setup a new scene
⇒ Unity Asset by John’s Art

⇘ Horror Development Kit / AAA Horror FPS Game Template ⇙
↳ Includes all the main horror features.
↳ Easy to customize with your own assets (models, animations etc.).
↳ Easy setup, and easy start: create a new scene with a single drag and drop.
↳ Includes a great and big PDF documentation.
↳ Video tutorials will come on YouTube.

➥ Read more about Horror Development Kit here: http://www.johnsartdev.com/horror-development-kit.html

➥ Get it from the Official John’s Art Shop (SPECIAL PRICE 55 EUR): http://www.johnsartdev.com/horror-development-kit.html

⇘ For more content, info or questions ⇙
↳ Website: https://goo.gl/NP1hjQ
↳ Twitter: https://goo.gl/owyxKW
↳ YouTube: https://goo.gl/nC1JBQ

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