BSLIVE 0011 / USDZ and Watermarking Using QR Code
In this episode, I talked a bit about COPYRIGHT and how important it might be in near future, especially for your 3D Assets as USDZ or other format on Sketchfab or Google Poly.

I can think of adding QR Code or maybe add some watermarking on the 3D texture of your 3D so that people cannot easily steal your works.

3D assets data like USDZ or GLTF out there in the wild is probably as safe as your photos or videos you share online.

However I do not like it when people is paranoid about sharing works for inspiration. In fact with most of my works, I am happy for people to simply take the idea and remix them. If they make profits, credits should go to where it is due.

USDZ and AR Quick Look is really interesting format coming from Apple, because it might act like a future of PDF, how you can easily bundle 3D assets for anyone (using Apple device) to view on their mobile device.

Perhaps Apple will add extra UI interface and interaction next year? Will USDZ become an open format? I might be wrong, but I can see a great potential in this format.

Embedding QR Code on USDZ 3D might be the first step. QR Code can contain secret message, credits, weblinks, open maps, add contacts, etc. Currently 3D USDZ does not have any interactive buttons. Would be cool if USDZ allows QR scanning via tapping.



PS: You will get your 3D hand gesture trophy when iOS 12 is out. Please remind me in few months.

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