Horror Development Kit – v1.5 Beta Showcase – Unity Asset
⇒ Unity Asset by John’s Art

⇘ Horror Development Kit / AAA Horror FPS Game Template ⇙
↳ Includes all the main horror features.
↳ Easy to customize with your own assets (models, animations etc.).
↳ Easy setup, and easy start: create a new scene with a single drag and drop.
↳ PDF Documentation and Video tutorials
(Read all the features, see the screenshots and more from my website)

➥ This video is the showcase video of the update 1.5 Beta of Horror Development Kit asset. In this video you can see all the most important features of the asset, and is recorded in the demo scene included in the asset.
You can buy it from my Official Website for 55€ (EUR) and you will get for free all the future updates.
The price will increase with the publication of the definitive version 1.5 (It will raise to 60€ EUR), so don’t lose the opportunity to buy it now!

➥ Learn more, see the screenshots and read the features of Horror Development Kit 1.5 Beta here: http://www.johnsartdev.com/horror-development-kit.html

➥ Get it from the Official John’s Art Shop (55€ EUR): http://www.johnsartdev.com/horror-development-kit.html

⇘ For more content, info or questions ⇙
↳ Website: https://goo.gl/NP1hjQ
↳ Twitter: https://goo.gl/owyxKW
↳ YouTube: https://goo.gl/nC1JBQ

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