Michael Pavlovich – Pavlovich Workshop – Episode 46
We went over creating geometry with Surface Noise, Alphas and Morph Targets
Also Covered in this episode:
– SpotLight functionality
– creating bat/dragon wings with Curve Tri Fill
– ZSketching, and ZSphere retopolology
– ZSphere posing
– Creating feathers with Micromesh, a number of methods to create relief sculptures
– ArrayMesh and NanoMesh functionality (and turning ArrayMesh into NanoMesh for even more options)

Link to Michael’s Workshop Playlist for early anatomy videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_v0rh2J_hE&list=PLkzopwqcFevYbX_GIGg6cHyvb0pBue8Qk

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