LIVENODING 1045 Exporting Procedural Animation Alembic and USDZ
In this episode, I am taking you through the whole process of exporting transform animations for USDZ via Alembic from Blender.

I got this example where we have a procedural transform animation of many objects created using Animation Nodes, exported as animated 3D USDZ file format for Augmented Reality on iPhone or iPad with iOS 12.

I am using the beta version of iOS 12 and USDZ Converter so there might be bugs or limitations that I found that I need to send as feedback to Apple and Pixar.

Basically with USDZ animation you need to have root or null object in order for it to export correctly. At least in my testings.

“BLUE EYEBALL” by Tom Hodes from Sketchfab

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