BSLIVE 0008 / Basic Pipeline Automation Blender to Pixar USDZ
In this episode, I am sharing a simple pipeline combo setup that automate the process of generating 3D mesh in a form of USDZ via Command Line using Blender in the background.

You can always do the whole thing manually inside Blender using Blender UI, however I found out that by mixing Python and Command Line we can do lots of automations!

I am a self taught in programming so maybe this whole thing is basic but kind of new for me and I like to share it to help new and non programmers to understand the process a little better.

The USD and USDZ is really an extra procedure that I am aiming. Ideally we have iPhone and iPad already comes with Blender 3D built in! One can only dream….

– XCode 10 with USDZ_Converter
– MacOS Mojave
– iPhone or iPad
– Blender ready to use on Command Line
– A bit of Python knowledge
– Animation Nodes Add-On

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