BSLIVE 0007 / Python Generating USDA plus Suzanne
In this episode, I will be demonstrating Pixar USD basic example tutorial on using Python 2 to generate USDA file format.

I will explain how you can look at this format as normal TEXT, and explore it using USDVIEW or XCode on Mac. Convert it as SceneKit, export as DAE and reopen it on Blender.

Ideally at some point in the future, Pixar will have Add-On for Blender 2.8 or something?

For what I see USD is an interesting format that can put everything together, useful for pipeline. Similar to Alembic but with extra description of the baked object and a quick fast way to load everything and collapse into something that can be rendered. If Pixar, they usually talk about Renderman. Hopefully one day we can just provide USD and render with Cycles.

If I understand correctly it has been few years since Apple mentioned USD and how it can work with Model IO of App Development. But maybe only for bigger apps production that it makes sense.

I am really interested with how USD is used for Augmented Reality and future workflow involving apps and 3D computer graphics.

I have a lot of questions on this USD format, maybe one day someone out there can give me answers.

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