BSLIVE 0005 / USDZ and USDA with Multiple Objects and Shaders
In this BS LIVE I am further exploring the Pixar USDZ file format and inspecting the USDA which is the USD Ascii file format that can be edited as normal text.

What I really like with USDA file format is how streamlinedit is to link and reference OBJ from outside and also relinking texture path etc. Of course ideally there should be USD Tools that allow 3D user to do this. Hence making this asset management and pipeline works seamlessly between multiple 3D tools and artists.

What I am demonstrating is the usage of AR Quick Look in iOS 12 but USDZ has potential to be file format that can be streamed and some kind of 3D asset zip for sharing.

Dear Pixar and Apple, please make USD Add-On for Blender, I will be the first to jump into this. Thanks!

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