BS LIVE 0003 / Intro to Headless Blender 3D
I am always kind of curious on how to run Blender 3D without UI aka headless Blender 3D. Only until today I finally have guts to give this a try.

One example usage of this workflow is for background rendering task. However there are plenty of other usages that can be explored. Perhaps we like to setup Blender in cloud on “unlimited” number of computers.

The idea here is to simply run Blender via Command Line with some tags, perhaps supplying BLEND to modify and also running Python script. Hence turning Blender into some kind of NODE.

I thought this is one area that is interesting and hopefully this can inspired others.

It seems hard at first to get PATH and BASH correctly targeting Blender, but with some kind of determination this is actually pretty simple and opening up a lot of possibilities.

* CaretDashCaret
How to run Blender headless (from the command line, without the GUI)

* Parametric Cookie


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