Blackmagic Design eGPU The Good, The Bad, The Ugly ? My Two Cents
Blackmagic Design eGPU The Good, The Bad, The Ugly? My Two Cents. It’s a great step forward mobile platform for Apple users, but in my opinion, Radeon Pro 580 selection as the graphics card choice is obsolete upon arrival. It’s a great solution and will definitely speed up your system, but in a way it defeats a purpose what Apple used to stand for “less wires” just a screen or laptop kind of setup. Therefore I think for the money and in this circumstances, it makes more point to assemble your own pc unless you ok with having an extra unit to carry around. Probably for on set DI it’s a good solution who operates from the laptop platform. That’s my two cents. Leave comments below what you think.

Main Monitor –
Graphics Card –
Source Hard Drive, EXTREMELY FAST –
Color Grading Panel –
HDMI Cable, Cheap and Amazing Quality –

DSLR Which I also Record my Videos with –
Best Lens Money Can Buy –
Amazing Budget Mono Light –
Remote for Mono Light –
Best Reflector I ever Used –
Keeping Memory Cards Safe and Dry –
My Main Heavy Duty Travel Backpack –
Memory Card I still use –
Amazing Softlight, For Film and Photo –
Local Light Duty Backpack –
Best Retouching Tool –

Photography Website
Color Grading Website

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