BSLIVE 0001 / Blender and Python TuriCreate for Style Transfer
In this episode of BS LIVE, I am sharing an idea how you can hook up Blender with external Python module called Turi Create to do IMAGE STYLE TRANSFER.

I assumed that you know a bit of Python workflow in Blender, you do not need to be a coding master in order to do this. In fact a lot of this is a good learning practice for computer artists.

The whole process:
– Create ML Style Transfer Model using Python module Turi Create, this can be done externally or inside Blender if you manage to do so
– Once the model is ready use it to apply style into Blender 3D Rendered Images
– Ideally things can run inside Blender maybe in almost real time maybe one day with Eevee

This is basically similar to Dwango Machine Learning style filter of OpenToonz app.

TURI CREATE Python Module:


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