LIVE / Intro to USDZ Augmented Reality with Blender on Mac
In this special episode, I casually talked about a new 3D file format that Apple coined at WWDC 2018: the Pixar USDZ format. This will be available on iOS 12 sometimes Fall 2018.

I happened to have Apple Developer account and I am interested with this type of 3D and AR related tech.

I knew that out there people are already using the standard GLTF format for packaging 3D to view on Web. USDZ is similar to that, but works best probably only on iOS, with AR Quick View and Metal Shader engine.

USDZ is basically a format for storing and sharing 3D contents and allowing users with iOS 12 devices to see 3D contents as Augmented Reality AR, very easily via Safari, iMessage, AirDrop or apps.

USD itself is some kind of file description that allows user to link many other files together for 3D scene. We can probably think USD is basically like a good BLEND file that you can easily upload to Sketchfab. USDZ is a zipped USD or PDF-like bundled format for 3D and AR.

To play with this USDZ today you probably want to install the full toolsets the USD module for Python 2.7 on your computer. You need also MacOS Mojave, iOS 12 beta installed, and XCode.

At this point, there is only plugins for Maya, Houdini, Katana, but none for Blender, because Blender is using Python 3 and up. Hopefully, Pixar can have Blender Add-On for USD and USDZ convert at some point in near future.

Let me know your opinion on this USDZ!

Pixar USD and USDZ:

GLTF to USDZ Converter

Nice discussion on such topic

OBAMA on Sketchfab:

View on YouTube


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