ZBrush Sculpting Stylized Characters for Toys and Collectibles
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Learn how to create professional level characters for the toys and collectibles industry in ZBrush. Take a 2D concept all the way to production ready for prototyping and 3D printing.

This tutorial package includes 3 hours of sculpting footage with voice over going into detail about every step of the process. Start from a 2D concept and go all the way to a finished production ready 3D character.

In this tutorial you will learn the following:
How to sculpt a production ready 3D character for the toys and collectibles industry.
How to sculpt and produce clean and stylized forms.
How to better control your meshes to get your desired forms quickly and accurately.
How to transform a 2D concept accurately into 3D while remaining true to the IP.
How to prepare a 3D character for prototyping and 3D printing.
How to present your finished work to a client and potential future employers.

And much much more covering real time sculpting footage, quick tips and tricks, and how to better use your toolset to improve your workflow and increase productivity.

Who is this tutorial for? Someone that already knows the basics of ZBrush and is looking to better their skills and productivity. If you are looking to get into sculpting toys and collectibles at a professional level, then this tutorial package is a MUST HAVE.

Note that this tutorial is of an intermediate level and assumes that you already know the basics of how to use ZBrush. ZBrush 2018 is used, but the skills and tools used are available and transferable to other versions without any trouble.

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