Unite Berlin – Day 1 Sessions Livestream
For those of you joining us from home, we will be streaming selected sessions live from Berlin! Tune in each day for different topics — learn all about spatial computing with Magic Leap, dive deep into the technical side of the new prefab system, get a primer on machine learning, and much more.

Day 1 schedule
(Tuesday, June 19 – CEST):

▶️9:00AM – New Addressable Asset System for Speed and Performance

▶️10:15AM – Bringing Github to Unity

▶️11:00AM – Testing & QA Open Mic

▶️12:45PM:- Unity’s Evolving Best Practices

▶️02:15PM – Autodesk and Unity: FBX Roundtripping Overview

▶️03:45PM – Unity Hub: A gateway to managing your Unity experience

▶️04:30PM – TextMesh Pro for Runtime

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