Blender Tutorial | Easy Blender Animation For Beginners
Do you remember opening Blender for the first time? Were you doing physics simulations and drawing cartoon faces within 10 minutes? If so, you can relive that experience in this video! 😀

Confession time – My kids are 6 & 8 years old, and they seem to hate Blender’s default cube. Or maybe they love it too much!! They go crazy since they make me punish that little guy in all kinds of crazy physics simulations and by the end of it they’re usually in fits of laughter. Yup, little pyschopaths on my hands right? #savethedefaultcube

If you’ve been wanting to pass on the gift of 3D laughter to others (the little cube punishing monsters are everywhere!) and maybe you’ve been bookmarking potentials. I’m hoping you’ll consider this as a worthy fun option to add to the list. 🙂

After this video you’ll know…

At least 2 methods of navigating around the 3D world
Physics Simulations
Grease Pencil Drawing
Working with keyframes in the Timeline and the Dopesheet.
Easy Quick Rendering in the 3D View.
An awkward relationship with the default cube.
And of course much more!


00:15 1. Know how to move about!
02:44 2. Moving our objects
05:40 3. Animating with Physics
07:38 4. Drawing with the grease pencil
23:15 5. Final Ideas & Making the Movie File

Links/Resources :

The basics of blender

Other beginner tutorials :

Harry Potter style wand model that’ll be ready for 3d printing

Or how about creating Thor’s hammer

A huge free beginner modelling project

When you’re ready you might be able to tackle trickier projects like these….

the whole course can be seen here…

Keep in contact on the socials….

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