LIVENODING XX / iPhone X and Face Cap app for Blender
In this video, I am giving a quick demo and a workflow on how to capture 3D facial animation in realtime using iPhone X and then export the resulting FBX animation data to use inside Blender.

I also tested the result using Blender Eevee realtime render engine that comes with Blender 2.8 which currently still being developed but already supporting animation and quite stable.

In short, the Face Cap app allows you to capture up to 10 minutes of face performance if you purchase the full app. The free version gives you 5 seconds of face recording. It also records the WAV audio at the same time.

The resulting FBX head animation is in ASCII and you need Autodesk converter in order to import it into Blender. The animation comes with all the animation blendshapes, head rotation and eyeballs rotation that you can then transfer to any 3D character avatar head , this is really the cool part.

Hope you find this video demo useful, ask me if you have any questions. Enjoy!

Face Cap app – for iPhone X

Autodesk FBX Converter:

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