LIVENODING 1012 / Cycles Procedural Sky and Cycles Basics
In this episode, I wanted to point out and give a quick demo of this Cycles Procedural Sky add-on that actually comes with Blender.

Other than that I also talked about Blender Cycles basics. This video is for any Blender users, even non-professional can learn to render 3D models. Blender really has made it so easy for ANYONE basically to get a high quality realistic render with Blender Cycles.

As we are transitioning to Blender 2.8 with the new Eevee and Cycles render, I think it is a good idea to talk about Blender basics once again. Obviously 3D is a huge area, so I try to talk mostly things dealing with nodes, and Cycles:
– Procedural Lights
– Procedural Materials


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