LIVENODING 1007 / Blender Fluid VS FLIP Fluid (MUTE)
Just a quick exploration of FLIP Fluid add-on basic and quick comparison with Blender Fluid.

Noticeable differences:
– FLIP Fluid is a lot faster, more detailed and behave more realistically on large area of 3D Fluid domain
– Blender Fluid has few special features that FLIP does not have it yet (Control Object, Flat Surface Emission)
– FLIP fluid baking can be resumed, Blender Fluid cannot
– Somewhat Blender Fluid respect Animation Nodes and does not require keyframing of animation!
– FLIP Fluid Inflow does not work with object orientation yet but has TARGET option to control the direction of fluid
– Sometimes FLIP Fluid is more easily goes through thin Obstacle objects, it needs thickness and volume

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