LIVENODING 1006 / Basic Blender Fluid Improvisation
In this episode, I am going to explore the Blender Fluid simulation system. I really like the idea of just jump in and play with something without too much expectation, simply no plan experiment and test a tool without any prejudice. It is a lot of fun.

Not many people have used nodes add-on with fluid, so I will also do that at some stage. See what Animation Nodes and Sverchok can do with Fluid.

I am not using the new FLIP Fluid add-on here, only the built in Blender Fluid system that has been around for years. Blender Fluid is a lot slower, but can do decent fluid for smaller size Fluid simulation.

Later on, I will do a series of fluid simulation video perhaps using FLIP Fluid on Windows. It is going to be a lot of fun.

*FLIP FLUID $$ add on, 100 AUD or 76 USD:

Perhaps it is a good idea to do a proper write up of Fluid and all kind of things that is important when dealing with this beast of simulation:
– Fluid Cache and Caching
– Fluid Resolution
– Fluid Objects and Properties
– Fluid Viscosity
– Fluid Rendering using Cycles or Eevee

I do not aim for a realistic fluid, but I think fluid has a lot more areas beyond just making it looking and behaving like real water.

Enjoy this “basic fluid knowledge” for now, just try it yourself!

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