ZBrush 2018 – Buddha: From my 3D scanned son to 3D Printing – Part 1 – Thomas Roussel
In this series, Thomas Roussel creates a Buddha statue based on a 3D scan from his 9 years old son which will be 3D printed, molded and cold-casted (resin+bronze powder).

This session explained the 3D scan process, done with the help of Photoscan software, then all the cleaning steps done in ZBrush. It covers the usage of Sculptris Pro for mesh cleanup, retopology with ZRemesher, ReUVs with UV Master, reprojection of textures in Photoscan, then all the steps of cleaning and improving the sculpt.

Thomas’ monthly schedule is available here:

Thomas’s website: https://polysculpt.com/en/
Thomas’s Twitch channel: https://twitch.tv/polysculpt/

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