LIVENODING 1004 / AN Letter Aerobic using Action Nodes
In this episode, I am going to show you a setup to do Letter Aerobic animation using ACTION NODES of Animation Nodes in Blender.

ACTION nodes is a step up on top of FCURVE nodes allowing animator to quickly duplicate an Action Animation of an object and then adding a bit of OFFSET in term of TIME and SPACE. This is actually quite complex underneath, but AN makes it really simple.

I have this believe that human manual made animation can be superior, albeit time consuming. So, even though computer generated animation can be really amazing, but there is something quite special with hand made animation or hand drawn or even motion captured animation from living creature.

Ideally we should be able to just copy and apply animation, or maybe gather a collective list of animations and mix it together procedurally using nodes.

AN Action nodes is probably an ongoing development, but even at this stage, you are able to quickly clone animations from multiple objects into multiple objects.

Give it a try yourself. Enjoy!


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