How to RETOPOLOGIZE the BODY – Part 1 – Zbrush Retopo Tools
For Bonus Tutorials, Meshes and more:

What’s Included:
– 3 Bonus Tutorials:
1. Retopology of the Hands and Feet
2. Reprojecting the High Resolution Details (Note I have also done a 60 second version here:
3. Retopology of the Second Pass (I go over many key elements of the body in more depth)

– 2 Base Meshes
1. Pass 1 base mesh
2. Pass 2 Base Mesh (TIER 2 ONLY)

– Turntables for individual sections of the body for easy viewing
1. Head Turntable
2. Torso Turntable
3. Hand Turntable
4. Foot Turntable
5. Arm Turntable
6. Leg Turntable

– 4 A4 Reference Sheets
1. Full Body References
2. Head and Torso References
3. Hand, Foot and Neck References
4. Arm and Leg References


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