Sci-Fi Cave Environment Course | 2 – Completing the Blockout
Ever considered creating a full 3D environment? The skills taught in this beginner modeling course will get you up to speed in creating a scene that would render quickly for animation or interactively in a game engine running smoothly even on mobile hardware In this lesson we’ll get started with figuring out our scale and blocking out the main central machine parts. Martin Turner has created environments for every games platform from PS4, PC and WiiU through to handhelds such as mobiles and the nintendo DS to name just a few. Martin is going to start pretty slow, and since there are many ways to do the same thing, and many places to find the same tool, he’ll be building up that knowledge quite naturally, and in many cases explaining why and when to use one location or method over another. All we need is a copy of Blender and a basic knowledge of getting around the interface and then Martin will take you through the rest!

Link to project’s complete blender file.

Link to main tutorial site page.
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