BSLIVE The Art of FiberMesh and Noodles
If you have been following my blog and blog, you might have seen some tutorials about making NOODLE and random scribbles using SVerchok nodes.

In this video, I am giving a long demo on how to use Fibermesh add on by X while also giving you some tips and tricks on making random scribbles.

A while back ago, I think Blender Artist named LIERO is making BTrace and some cool algorithm that traces Particles. And I think Fibermesh is one of the addon based on his algorithm.

Fibermesh basically allows you to generate a super complex geometry wires inside a 3D mesh with relatively easy steps. You provide a 3D base blocking mesh and the addon takes over and generates wires around the mesh in a very intricates way, just like 3D scribbles drawn by a single particle inside 3D volume.

* Fibermesh Addon for Blender 2.80

* Japanese Blog with article about this Fibermesh

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