In this lesson I’ll show you how to create a simple camera ‘rig’ to allow the camera to smoothly follow the player around the game level. In this lesson we’ll write a tiny bit of GDScript code to make the smooth camera following happen (including using a method called ‘lerp’), and use a new object property: “Top Level”. Have fun! 🙂

Thanks for watching! Here are the video chapter timecode links:

– 0:00 – Video Intro
– 0:07 – Recap
– 0:49 – Video Overview
– 1:28 – Replacing the Existing Camera
– 2:49 – Adding a Simple Camera Rig
– 9:47 – Unlinking the Camera
– 11:13 – Coding Camera-Following
– 18:14 – Coding Camera Smoothness
– 23:24 – Wrap-Up
– 23:45 – See You in the Next Lesson Outro!

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*note: In this lesson I used Godot 4.1
#godotengine #gamedev

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