In this lesson I’ll show you how to add and setup materials onto mesh objects in your 3D Godot Game, and how to add and setup an environment, complete with a gradient sky, horizon, and ground. We’ll control the ambient light color and brightness in the scene, enable Screen-Space Reflections and Ambient Occlusion, as well as Anti-Aliasing in our project.

Thanks for watching! Here are the video chapter timecode links:

– 0:00 – Video Intro
– 0:07 – Overview
– 0:52 – Adding Materials to Mesh Objects
– 8:19 – Adding a Scene Environment
– 15:41 – Adjusting Scene Ambient Lighting
– 18:44 – Adjusting Materials from Blender
– 20:32 – Scene & Render Settings
– 25:42 – Review, Wrap-Up & Outro

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*note: In this lesson I used Godot 4.1
#godotengine #gamedev

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