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In this video we’re walking through the full process of creating a laptop 3D model in Blender, from scratch! I will walk through using modifiers like subdivision surface, bevel, mirror, and more. We also will add materials for the screen, backlit keys, and metallic body.

Hope you enjoy!

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00:00 – Introduction
00:17 – Making the Keyboard Keys
06:23 – My Courses
08:16 – Making the Keyboard Texture
11:02 – Modeling the Base
17:20 – Smaller details on Base
20:46 – Tilt the Base
24:11 – Adding the Top
31:50 – Detailing the Top
33:16 – Adding Ports to the Base
37:10 – Materials and Lighting
43:00 – Keyboard Texture and Underglow
47:58 – Set the Scene + Render


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