Here’s a 50 second infographic on how to make your animations look more cartoony. We send out infographics like this to our newsletter subscribers monthly.
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Cartoony animation is where you really get to have fun and push your poses! In this month’s infographic, we are looking at an animation made with Lil’ Max and highlighting all the aspects characteristic for cartoony shots.

Here’s some things you can look for:
– rubber-hosey arms and legs
– extreme squash and stretch
– exaggerated drags and smears (also multiple arms/legs to indicate speed)
– strong lines of action
– straights against curves in the body
– clear silhouettes
– hand-drawn effects
– flowy shapes
-features all pushed to one side of the face in profile view
– long moving holds (or complete stillness) contrasted by snappy movement
– pushed expressions

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