If you’re a beginner animator and aren’t sure why your work doesn’t look as good as your favorite shots and movies, you may be making these mistakes or not doing some of the points mentioned in this video when animating.

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Here is a list of animation exercises you should absolutely master before you move on:
– Ball bounce in place (up and down)
– Ball bounce across the screen
– Ball falling off a shelf
– Pendulum
– Hand slapping a table
– Animating objects made of different materials and weights
– Weight shift
– Walk cycle
– Run cycle
– Head turn

0:00 – Animation Tip 1
1:16 – Animation Tip 2
2:19 – Animation Tip 3
3:09 – Animation Tip 4
4:42 – Animation Tip 5
5:47 – Animation Tip 6
6:18 – Animation Tip 7
6:45 – Animation Tip 8

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