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ModelMaps Are Your Solution To Stop Mindlessly Following 3D Tutorials

When following a tutorial, it often feels mindless. Following steps without thinking and leaving you wondering whether or not you actually learned anything. And when attempting to complete a project without any guidance, you’re left with a feeling of confusion about the steps needed to achieve a finished and polished result.

ModelMaps bridge the gap between tutorial and confident independence. They achieve this by giving you room to fill in the gaps without feeling lost or like you’re mindlessly following instructions.

Featuring 11 high-resolution 3D models, turnaround videos, and reference images for each step of the project. Paired with narrated video tutorials to fill in any gaps.

-Benefits & Features-

Build new skills and confidence to create art rather than mindlessly following instructions.

Create a beautiful 3D artwork with easy-to-follow steps that are broken down exceptionally well.

Give yourself the best chance to grow as an artist with proven techniques taught by one of the best digital sculpting teachers in the game.

Easily track your progress with high-quality images, videos, and 3D references for every step of the process.

Improve your problem-solving and critical-thinking skills by trying steps on your own first, and receive help from narrated, real-time video tutorials to fill in any gaps.

The freedom to create in any software or medium of your choice.

Will work in nearly any 3D software, and designed to work even better with ZBrush

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