In this Godot 4 Lesson I finish off this 2-part ‘intro to coding’ lesson for absolute beginners to programming (or gd script) in Godot 4. In this lesson I cover topics: Conditional If Statements, Else, and Boolean Expressions, Boolean variables, Writing Functions (that have parameters and accept arguments, and return data), and Objects, Inheritance, and Godot’s official GDScript documentation. By the end of this lesson we’ll also program our game’s Sprite3D to rotate in either direction by pressing the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard.

Thanks for watching! Here are the video chapter timecode links:

– 0:00 – Video Intro
– 0:07 – Recap & Overview
– 0:22 – If Statements, Else, and Boolean Expressions
– 17:16 – Writing Functions
– 28:20 – Objects, Inheritance, & Documentation
– 36:26 – Wrap-Up & Outro

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*note: In this lesson I used Godot 4.1
#godotengine #gamedev

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