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Over the span of about a year and a half, I wrote a screenplay for an animated feature film titledSnowlands. That script was eventually adapted into an award-winning best-selling graphic novel and is currently available on Amazon.

In this video, I’ll go over my own process of writing, rewriting, and refining that screenplay. I will discuss how I came up with the idea for the film, how I learned to a screenplay fromscratch, a few methods I found to make my story better, and how I used feedback and coverage services to refine my script.

The screenplay forSnowlandsended up placing in numerous writing competitions, including making it as a Quarterfinalist at theAcademy Nicholl Fellowship and listing onThe Black List’stop screenplays (ranking #1 for animation).

If you’re on the path of writing your first screenplay, I hope you get some value from learning about my own experience. And if you’re an experienced writer, you might still get a couple of interesting ideas and methods for refining your craft.

The following is everything I recall from writing a 108-page screenplay for the first time.

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