This is a comprehensive lecture on how to animate brows – from our animation course (TOAnimate):

In this sample lesson, one of our Instructors (Simona Baranovicova), goes through everything you’d need to know to animate your character’s brows and how to make them look appealing. Simona has recently worked on Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, so I’d be taking out my notebooks for this one if I were you 😉

This is a very in-depth lesson and has taken a ton of time to research and create, we hope you enjoy and learn something!

If you’d like to have access to over a hundred different high-quality lessons like this and give yourself a strong animation foundation, check out our comprehensive Animation Course here:

Each of these lessons also come with their own custom made PDF handbooks to help visualize the lessons taught in the video.

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