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* Music by @Thaehan

Asset Browser
* Suport relative path option per-asset library
* Asset Browser: Let “Clear Asset” act on entire selection

* Core: Add sub-types for float-type custom properties

* Cycles: use intrinsics for fast_rint
* Cycles: add HIP RT device, for AMD hardware ray tracing on Windows

Geometry Nodes
* Index of Nearest: Use grain size based on tree sizes
* Index of Nearest: Use span for non-single ids
* Use implicit sharing in store/capture attribute nodes
* Make spacings unitless in String to Curves node

* Gizmo: Add anti aliasing to transform constraints

* I18n: improve geometry nodes field tooltips

* LibOverride: Do not attempt to resync a hierarchy when the root goes missing.

* Mesh: Reduce memory usage calculating custom normals
* Mesh: Allocate custom normal spaces in array
* Mesh: Reduce memory corner normals memory usage and simplify threading

* Nodes: Support adding multiple nodes from search menu

Viewport Compositor
* Implement Mask node
* Implement Corner Pin node
* Implement Texture node
* Optimize image textures
* Prioritize Viewer output node

* Subdiv: Optimize coarse position extraction with cache

* UI: Measure/Ruler Text Position

* Tuning rotating to minimum square during packing
* Improve packing efficiency by rotating to minimum square
* Fix uv packing overflow with fraction margin method
* Add new packing option, scale_to_fit

* VFont: Corrections to Cursor When on Curve

* Volumes: Generate proper fog volume in Mesh to Volume node


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