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Now you can create intriguing portals for your Games!

00:00 Intro
01:32 VFX Graph – Plane and Cylinder
03:56 Blender – Modeling Cylinder
06:05 Shader Graph – Voronoi Shader
10:31 Shader Graph – Scroll Shader
12:49 Krita – Noise Texture
14:39 Shader Graph – Scroll Shader Mask
16:20 VFX Graph – Orbiting Particles
18:36 End Result








*VFX Assets Packages*

Unique Projectiles Vol 1: />
Unique Projectiles Vol 2: />
Unique Projectiles Vol 3: />
VFX Graph – Mega Pack – Vol 1: />
VFX Graph – Mega Pack – Vol 2: />
VFX Graph – Mega Pack – Vol 3: />

*VFX Graph Tutorials*

VFX Graph – Magic Orb:

VFX Graph – Weapon Effects:

VFX Graph – Portals:

VFX Graph – Flamethrower:

VFX Graph – Loot Drop:

VFX Graph – Lightning:

VFX Graph – Muzzle Flash:

VFX Graph – Hits N Impacts:

VFX Graph – Heat Distortion:

VFX Graph – Ice Attack:

VFX Graph – Stylized Fire:

*Shader Graph Tutorials*

Shader Graph – Fire Flames:

Shader Graph – Cartoon Water:

Shader Graph – Laser Beam:

Shader Graph – Fire:

Shader Graph – Tornado:

Shader Graph – Blood:

Shader Graph – Waterfall:

Shader Graph – Black Hole:

Shader Graph – Ground Cracks:

Shader Graph – Grow Shader:

Shader Graph – Interactive Snow:

Shader Graph – Liquid Shader:

Shader Graph – Glowing Crystals:

Shader Graph – Clouds:

*Other VFX Videos*

Glowing Orb:

Weapon Trails:

Destroy / Explode Objects:

Dragon Ball Aura:

Loot Box:

Valorant – Phoenix Fire Wall:

Shoot Projectiles in FPS:

Valorant – Sage’s Wall:

Doom Eternal – BFG-9000 VFX:

Overwatch – Reinhardt’s Shield:

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