🎯 Timestamps:
00:05 – Camera follow an object
00:36 – Camera motion path
01:22 – Camera shake
02:22 – Switch between cameras
02:54 – Aligh active camera to perspective view
03:18 – Camera walk animation mode
03:46 – Camera follow a path

Camera follow an object :
You should add a “Track to” constraint to your object. The target should be the camera, and the To/Up values depend on what’s appropriate for your model.

Camera motion path :
For the object add a Follow Path constraint and select the curve you want the object to follow as target. Enable Follow Curve and Enable Animate path.

Camera shake :
Free shake addon, will let you add an extra touch of realism to your animations in Blender.

Switch between cameras :
Try selecting the camera and then ctrl + numpad 0 to set the camera that camera as rendering camera. if you press 0 its always gonna be set to that camera you set, if you select another camera likewise, it will become the main rendering camera.

Aligh active camera to perspective view :
From the 3d view header, go to View – Align View – Align Active Camera to View to position/point the camera in the direction you are facing in the viewport.

Camera walk animation mode :
This navigation method behaves like a typical first person game. It works with a combination of keyboard keys and mouse movement.
You can initiate either method from the View – Navigation menu.

Camera follow a path :
select the camera right-click and select the path shift + right-click. Now Press control+p follow path. The camera will now move along this path through the scene.

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