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00:05:20 What’s New in Blender
01:13:32 Q&A

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* Music by @Thaehan

New open movie!

Usability pass/redesign
changes to the panels in the Action Editor

New catalog menu
Allow changing active catalog from Python
“All” asset library

Cycles: Occupancy tuning for new higher end M2 machines
Cycles: remove SSE3 and AVX kernel optimization levels

Use checkbox for exposed boolean sockets
new Interpolate Curves node
show number of curve points in socket inspection tooltip

Add warning to set material node with no faces
Adjust modifier UI to put field toggles on the right
Prefer evaluate at index value input in search
Rename node and socket for “Group ID” convention

Node Wrangler: improve Add Principled Setup file matching logic

Attributes: Autofill for attribute conversion operators

Nodes: Resolve performance bottleneck with mix node updates
Eevee: Mark Properties on Samples Panel Animatable

BGL_Wrap: disable calls on non-opengl backends

Build modifier add “natural drawing” time
Add offset(Location, Rotation, Scale) by Layer, Stroke and Material to Offset modifier
show brush size in Draw tool cursor
Use Material or Vertex Color for Brush cursor
Provide Option for Fill in Material Popover
Add Vertex Opacity Overlay parameter in Sculpt
Allow interpolation to use breakdown keyframe as extremes

Storypencil: Support Audio files and UI refactor

UV: support constrain-to-bounds for uv shear operator

Animation: Graph Editor Ease operator
NLA: Udating Blend-in and Blend-out values to clamp on NLA strip Transform
Animation: Improve performance of Bake Action operator
Animation: Make Bake Animation operator use preview range when enabled
Animation: Remove While Held Pose propagate option

Object: Support converting curves object to mesh
Point Cloud: Support set origin and apply scale operators
Cloth: share self and object collision BVH trees when possible
Cloth: precompute barycentric coordinates for collision points

Images: add mirror extension type
Custom Properties: Add boolean type
USD export: ensure edit mode changes are exported
OBJ: add split by objects/groups import options (T103839)
BLI_path_util: support both forward and back slashes for WIN32
Python API: Add collection properties to MeshUVLoopLayer to access UV and the associated bool attributes
Add-ons: Exclude contrib for beta, rc and release builds.
Windows: Run blender-launcher.exe instead of blender.exe
macOS: Remove user notifications.
MacOS: Update Min Requirement to 10.15
Bump buildbot gcc version to 11

Sun Position: add Show Surface and Show Analemmas options


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