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Blender Extensions Platform –

* Cycles: Add “Bake from Camera” option
* Cycles: Enable MNEE on Metal (macOS higher than 13)

* Curves: Multithread position vertex buffer extraction
* BLI: Unroll vector loops for better performance on GCC
* Mesh: Multithread some boolean domain interpolation logic
* Armature Modifier: skip non-deforming vertices in Multi-Modifier mode.
* Draw: Add missing TBB define to draw module
* Sculpt: Raise pbvh leaf_limit to 400 for dyntopo

* Sculpt: Clean up Dyntopo’s original triangle api

* Sculpt: Auto-masking UI improvements
* 3D View: depth sort candidates in the selection menu
* Outliner: Use row background color for elements count indicator
* UI: New modifier Icons Envelope and Outline
* UI: show the windowing environment in the “About” splash
* Animation: Update tooltips to be more readable
* Nodes: Add “Legacy” to legacy node UI names, skip in search

* Attribute Node: support accessing attributes of View Layer and Scene.
* Attribute Node: access geometry node instance attributes
* Geometry Nodes: new Sample UV Surface node
* Geometry Nodes: Set Curve Normal
* Geometry Nodes: Rename Control Point Neighbors Node
* Geometry Nodes: Change order of outputs in topology nodes
* Geometry Nodes: Add soft min for points node radius input
* Node: Add blend modes to Mix node link drag search
* Nodes: Change Mix node link drag weighting

* Nodes: Duplicate Linked operator + User Preference option for Node Tree

* Realtime Compositor: Implement variable size bokeh blur
* Realtime Compositor: Keep interpolation in Scale node

* UV: add grid shape source to the uv editor, and add new “pixel” option

* GPencil: New Fill Extend lines adjust with MMB

* IO: support Presets in Alembic, Collada, OBJ, STL, USD importers
* OBJ: add global scale factor import setting

* Point Cloud: Support applying modifiers
* Linux: enable WAYLAND by default
* Preferences: support loading factory settings only for app-templates
* Curve: increase max of order U/V
* Images: remove option to choose between BW/RGB/RGBA for multilayer EXR save
* Support environment variables to override USER & SYSTEM resource paths
* Beginning of automated SVG regression test

* Fix T100699: Older preferences from 2.93 wont load
* Fix T90782: add uv pack option to specify margin as a fraction
* Fix T101746: Node copy and paste changes multi-input socket order


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