Light and Color studios are proud to present the latest animation productions made with Blender: Incredible!, Leaves in the Wind and Argo and Odi.

While for Leaves in the Wind blender was used only for preproduction purposes, “Incredible!” and Argo and Odi are entirely made in Blender.

Incredibile! is a mixed live action – animation series for Rai Kids produced by Caterina De Mata.
Two scientists and their 3d little friends will bring the audience to discover the world of science through funny animated gags and particular experiments. We will be talking about the production and making-of of this “Incredible!” series.

Argo and Odi is our latest production: a short movie written and directed by Luca Di Cecca. It is a reinterpretation of the Odyssey, where the dog Argo will live an amazing journey trying to arrive to the refugee camp where his little owner has arrived fleeing from poverty. The 2d look of the short movie is given by a particular 3d animation technique.

“Light and Color studios: 3 projects, 3 lessons” by Luca Di Cecca, Nicolas D’Amore, Caterina De Mata
Blender Conference 2022
2022-10-28 16:00 at the studio.


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