In this video, learn how to use the mask modifier in Blender to quickly show or hide portions of objects using vertex groups!

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0:00 – Introduction
0:12 – Intro to the mask modifier
0:35 – Adding a mask modifier in Blender
1:10 – Adding the vertices from an object to a vertex group
2:00 – Using weight painting to control the mask effect of the modifier
2:40 – Using a gradient to create a gradual mask effect
3:25 – Creating a vertex group with part of a model for masking
4:41 – Using the mask modifier to create a build or dissolve animation in Blender
6:15 – Smooth vs. Unsmooth masking with the mask modifier
6:46 – How additional geometry can effect the mask modifier
7:33 – More Blender Modifier Tutorials


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