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* Music by @Thaehan


10 years of Tears of Steel!

3.3 LTS

* PyAPI: Support Python 3.9 (for VFX platform support)
* obj: support importing multiple files at once
* GPencil: Allow import several SVG at time


* Geometry Nodes: Add Self Object Node
* Geometry Nodes: Split transfer attribute node
* Geometry Nodes: Distribute Points in Volume
* Nodes: Add node group assets to search menus


* Node Editor: Adjust node link curving
* UI: Improved Font Thumbnails

* Asset Browser: Add slider UI to pose blending
* Animation: Add redo panel to Dopesheet and NLA

* Fix T101295: Allow Large Windows Thumbnails
* File Browser: Manual auto-increase name support for output filepaths

* Curves editmode: show point selection


* GPencil: Improve Fill Tool Extend lines
* GPencil: Add `offset` parameter to reproject operator Redo Panel


* UV: extend custom grid sizes to set each axis separately
* UV: add toggle to show the grid over the image


* Curves: Improve sculpting performance by reducing allocations
* Geometry Nodes: use stringref instead of string in logger

* Mesh: Move sculpt face sets to a generic attribute

* glTF exporter: option to export active collection without nested collections
* glTF exporter: Reset pose bone between each action

* Amaranth: Remove “Switch Material” feature
* Amaranth: Remove “Node Shader Extra” feature
* Amaranth: Fix Wireframe Toggle layout
* Amaranth: Fix Jump Keyframes layout
* Amaranth: Fix poll for operators

* Fix T49814: Collada Import Ignores Vertex Normals
* Fix T101098: Moving meta strip can change its length
* Attributes: add color_srgb property to FloatColorAttributeValue and ByteColorAttributeValue

* Fix T100330: Remove Render Slot not working for first slot


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