In this video, we talk about 10 things that will make Blender IMMENSELY easier to use for beginners! How many of these did you know about?

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0:00 – Introduction
0:22 – Using the 3D Cursor
0:40 – How to place the 3D cursor
0:57 – What does the 3D cursor do?
1:20 – Advanced 3D cursor placement
1:52 – Using views for object placement
3:38 – Using inference locking for object placing and editing
4:48 – Using inference locking to scale on only one axis
5:06 – How object origins work
6:20 – Ways to move/adjust the object origin location
7:00 – How object origins affect where objects are placed in Blender
7:43 – How geometric detail affects tools in Blender
9:15 – Applying rotation and scale
11:17 – Using snapping in Blender
13:03 – How to find the center of objects
14:03 – Example – Rotational Array, Object Origins, Apply Rotation and Scale
15:24 – Advanced selections in Blender – Shortest Path
16:39 – Selecting by loops
17:58 – Camera Placement
18:45 – How to look through your camera
19:00 – How to lock your camera view to your viewport view
19:15 – How to expand your camera view to fit your whole window


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