⏩ Blender Basics – A Blender Course for Animators
If you’re an experienced animator who’s been itching to learn Blender, this course is perfect for you!
⌛ NOW LIVE: https://toanimate.teachable.com/p/blender-basics
15% OFF with the code: TOANIMATE15

📚 The lessons cover Blender’s animation tools, workflows, super handy addons, and everything else you need to know as a Blender animator.

We hope you enjoy the course. It would also mean a lot to us if you could share it with someone who might be interested in learning the animation side of Blender! 💜

🔽 What’s Included?
– 40+ comprehensive video lessons
– Exclusive feature-quality rig (Max)
– Bouncing Ball rig
– TOAnimate Camera Rig
– PDF handbooks for each lesson
– Lifetime access to new assets and lessons
– Lifetime access to TOAnimate Circle community
– Technical support for Blender
– Animation picker & pre-made character templates (coming soon)

🟣 https://www.toanimate.ca/

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