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Presented by Robin Rebiere

Oooh man, Hades is a fun game – and it looks pretty damn good too.
Welcome back to the breakdown, where we have talented artists take over the channel for the day and show off their creations and share some of their knowledge.
In this video, Robin has been kind enough to lift the veil on his texture creation process and share how he used substance designer, Houdini, blender, and zBrush to create this wonderful fan art of a material from the iconic and stylish game Hades.
in this detailed, 30 minute long demo, you’re going to a ton of new tips and tricks for creating stylized materials, and a lot of workflow secrets you probably haven’t seen before that you can integrate into your own art.

If you want to learn even more about stylized and anime texture creation, check out my two courses, where you’ll learn everything from anime material creation to creating beautiful stylized environments.
Now let’s get into the video.

Video Edited by Nicolo Bacialli
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