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Presented by Ivan Volchenko

Hello guys! Welcome back to another stylized Station Breakdown, where we have talented artists take over the channel for a day and
share how they create their beautiful environments.
In this video, the very talented Ivan Volchenko gives us an amazing tour of his Stylized Graveyard scene,
and shares with us exactly how you can create your own environment.

Speaking of unreal engine, if you want to learn how to create BEAUTIFUL environments
in unreal, check out my brand new environment art course called the
Environment Artist’s Survival kit, where you’re going to learn everything from making flowing grass, to fluffy trees
and sweeping landscapes.

All 13 hours of content are only $49, forever. and you can also get a discount on the 3D coloring Book as a bonus as well, so I’ve you’ve been waiting to get it – nows your chance.
I’ll leave a link in the description for the course.

Now lets get into the video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

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