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There comes a time in every artist’s career that they are faced with an age-old question – Should I learn Unreal Engine 4 or Unity?
Now its important to note that these engines are ever-changing and always improving, so we are going to take a look at the current state of each engine and see how they have developed over the years, and where each engine plans to be in the next few years. And which one YOU should be using as a beginner artist.

Since this is aimed at beginners, I’m not going to go into detail about super-advanced concepts. Such as memory allocation and other advanced programming and scripting concepts.

I’m just going to cover the pros and cons for BEGINNER digital artists, the discussion for unity or ue4 for experienced 3d artists and game developers is a completely different discussion.

Thumbnail Art:

All artists in video (By order of appearance):
Julien Didisheim

Ted Mebratu

James Naughton

David Baylis

Pasquale Scionti

Rudy Parfaite

Ida Faber

Andrew Averkin


Ted Mebratu

Tor Frick

Sebastian Gothe

Nick Carver

Renier Van Der Westhuizen

Sergey Tyapkin

Kurt Kusper

Inka Sipola

Thomas Francis

Otto Ostera

Saga Alayyoubi

Lucas Maxfield

Mod Ratchata

Tomer Meltser

Josh Van Zuylen

文惜(Wen Xi)

Yongjae Choe

Kacper Bartnik

Plamen Tamnev

Nina Clos

Alex Coman

Mateus Kurzhals

Mark Nicolino

Sherif A.Dawoud

Maria Yue

Florian Puype

Wiktor Öhman

Jessica Helgesson

Baolong Zhang

Plamen Tamnev

Andrew Averkin

Rafał Urbański

Carin Backlund

Alessandro Toesca

Dani Rojas

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