Precision and parametric gears are finally here for blender 3.0. Be it for laser cutting, 3D printing or some amazing mech model you can now get real-world accurate Involute gears in blender. These include but are not limited too; Rack Gear, Spur Gear, Bevel Gear & Worm Gear. Dive deep into the possibilities of precision modelling in blender 3.0.

—– Precision Gear Addon (Gumroad): —–

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Useful Links:
Precision Gears WIki: ( Coming Soon)
Understanding Gears: ( Coming Soon)
Maker Tales Updates:
Outline to .SVG Download:

– Help Me / Defaults & Presets –
The best place is in the discord channel for Precision Gears :

Free Course | Learn Blender 2.9+/3.0 through precision modelling playlist: />
If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to get back to them as soon as I can or even better join the discord and I’ll be sure to see it.

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Time Stamps:

0:00 – Precision Gears In Blender.
00:18 – Downloading And Installing Gears For Blender.
02:05 – How To Use Precision Gears Addon.
03:28 – Creating Your Own Presets.
04:03 – Making Meshing Gears In Blender.
04:27 – Adding Bore Holes, Set Screws & Extrusions.
06:47 – How To Make Internal Gears In Blender.
07:28 – How To Make Helical Gears In Blender.
07:46 – How To Make Herringbone Gears In Blender.
08:14 – Extra Bits & Bob’s To Know About Gears.
09:26 – How To Make Bevel Gears In Blender.
11:15 – How To Make Worm Gears In Blender.
13:20 – Massive Parametric Changes & CNC Or Laser Cutting Usecase.
14:23 – Sneak Peak Of More Parametric Gears In Blender.


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