Thanks for watching! In this Blender tutorial I cover: How to use Blender’s Boolean Modifier to combine objects in different ways + The Boolean Intersect Tool!

Video Timecode Chapter Links:
– 0:00 – Video Intro
– 0:08 – Tutorial Overview
– 0:42 – This Blender Tutorial Series & Call-To-Action!
– 1:19 – The Boolean Modifier & The Union Operation
– 4:59 – Clicking ‘Apply’ to make the modifier’s effects permanent
– 5:37 – The Difference Operation (Boolean Modifier)
– 6:27 – The Intersect Operation (Boolean Modifier)
– 7:29 – Blender’s New Boolean Solver! (helps with tricky meshes & co-planar faces)
– 10:30 – Using Multiple Objects at Once with the Boolean Modifier: Making ‘Swiss Cheese’ using a *Collection*.
– 14:00 – The Intersect Boolean Tool: Boolean Operations when both objects are part of the same mesh
– 17:41 – Video Wrap-Up, About me, Call to Action, my Social Media & Video Outro

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