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Sprite Fright premiere date!

Assets: Show all assets indirectly nested inside the active catalog
Assets: Support Renaming Catalogs in the UI
Asset Browser: Context menu for catalogs
Asset Browser: Show catalog add & delete icons on mouse hover (only)
Asset Browser: Move Asset Library selector to navigation bar

Sequencer: 2D cursor for the preview & transform
Sequencer: add option to toggle gizmos
VSE: Implement the bounding box (xform) tool in the seq preview window
VSE: Reduce memory footprint when using thumbnails
Keymap: fallback tool support for the sequencer
UI: add sequencer preview context menu
Sequencer: improvements to preview selection

Geometry Nodes: Align Euler to Vector Node
Geometry Nodes: Separate and Delete Geometry for fields

User Interface: Remove the green background when inside a node group
User Interface: Make the background inside a node group brighter
User Interface: Use theme alpha for the nodes frames background
UI: Support tooltips for superimposed icons
UI: Support showing superimposed icons as disabled (with disabled hint)

Cycles: fully decouple triangle and curve primitive storage from BVH2
Cycles: Improve volume stack size calculation

Edit Linked Library: Added support for more library types.


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