Official showreel [2017-2021] of Joshua Ader via TooEazyCG
This is my first showreel showcasing some of my 3D artworks. Unfortunately I was not able to fit all my projects in the showreel. The left out works may be found at my portfolio

#b3d #blender #showreel #demoreel #gamedev #tooeazycg

~ Softwares Used ~
Blender: All 3D model projects
Photoshop: Final composition
Krita: Stylized texturing
Procreate (mobile app): Stylized texturing
After Effects 2020: Showreel GFX

~ All projects ~
Elucidator (via Sword Art Online), Megumin Black Staff (via Konosuba), Binding Blade (via Fire Emblem), Ascia Axe (via Castlevania), and Celestial Seeker (Atelier Ryza).
Modern Exterior, Modern livingroom visualization, Interrogation room (game concept project), Glazed Cruller Doughnuts/Donuts, Outdoor Pool, and Camelback Mountain House.
Green Gardens, Observatory (via Sora No Method), anime Train Station, Invincibility Lollipop, Misteen Water, New and originally made Kirby Blender Rig.

Check out all projects:

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About me:
I am a self taught 3D artist living in Hawaii. At the time of this upload, I am starting my third year in college where I will finally be learning 3D via classes.
Music Used:
Infraction – Future Me

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